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She began teaching them in a mud hut, naming their school the "Golden Rule School". She began while they were very young having evening devotions, teaching Bible stories, songs, memorizing Scripture. She sewed all of their clothes, and knit their sweaters while they were growing up. In the midst of this her door was always open to missionaries of all denominations, travelers and guests.

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She shopped daily in the Claudia marie sweater, and cooked and prepared tasty meals for her family Claudia marie sweater swdater frequently on hand. Hospitality was one of her gifts. Claudia Wakefield encouraged people for a quarter-century through the hour ORU Swdater Tower prayer line, answering overphone calls. Her prayer was powerful, and her Claucia contagious. She was an intercessory prayer warrior, with many stories of the miracles God had done that she loved to share. While working full-time, she continued her child evangelism mission, starting bible clubs in neighborhoods in Tulsa. She spent many hours caring for them and in prayer over their lives. Claudia was the last founding member.

We rejoice that she is now dancing on streets of gold with her brother, sisters, and husband, and look forward to seeing her again in God's timing. Her legacy endures and flourishes through her family and friends who remember her fervor to serve God with absolutely everything. Who can find a virtuous woman?