Who has cassie scerbo dating

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She is a Filipino-American model, hip hop singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and music video girl. She graduated from high school in Her self-titled debut album was released August 8, It has sold over scsrbo, copies in the US had Who has cassie scerbo dating. Her second album is going to be released in with the help of Sean Diddy Combs who is helping to develop her musical career in the wake of several rocky live performances. For more information, see the Related Links below. Cassie Steele, the Canadian actress, is reported to be dating JesseGiddings. Cassie was born in Toronto, Ontario, and has been actingsince Yes she does, both her parents are full blooded italian, her family is wonderful and fun to be around and they always have amazing food in the house at all times!!!

Cassie Scerbo is an American actress, singer and dancer. She is best known for 'Bring it on; In it to win it' and 'Make it or break it'. She has an Italian accent.

Cassie Scerbo

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