Anyone want to go snowboarding tomorrow morning

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These waters are said to have the power to dispel stress and tension from the body. I told you they like wellness… Photo: We paid for soup, chips, spaghetti bolognase plus two large beers and it cost a mere 10 euros. When you slice into it, it oozes out in the style of mozzarella. Tatra Tea is another local speciality, a spirit which ranges from 44 per cent to nearly 80 per cent alcohol. The shots in Jasna are double the size of those in the UK and half the price — a lethal combination. Morning sickness might also kick in a little. I did a bit of skiing and a lot of sledging. It's not the best idea. You'll be tired sick.

Went skiing at 8w pg with ds1. I did fall but didn't do any harm to ds. It was a stupid thing to do in my case as I had no appreciation for the relaxin hormone making your joints more mobile than usual. You can really do yourself an injury. I suffer from SPD in this and ds1 pregnancy. Don't know if skiing made this worse! I took it easy, bunked off skiing in the afternoon and chilled in the chalet so I didn't make the most of highly expensive lift pass and ski hire. Boarding you spend all your time falling on your bottom to learn. Might do yourself a back injury.

Be less worried about baby than the potential for injury that causes you suffering longer term. I'm a confident experienced boarder, I took things very easy, and was careful about dehydration. Despite knowing that baby was protected in my pelvis, and that I rarely fall, I was very nervous about the risk of someone else crashing into me, and enjoyed it a lot less than usual. If I was in the same situation again, I wouldn't go. As a beginner,you will fall, a LOT. If you're worrying about affecting the baby, I can't imagine you enjoying it. You're not drinking because of the painkillers.

I had a two hour boarding taster session on the last day and fell over approximately forty thousand times, hard, and it hurt. All my injuries from that week were from the boarding session! I've been skiing indoor snowdome here in the UK until 11 weeks pregnant after considering the risks - namely that until the uterus rises above the pelvis you'd have to pretty much fracture your pelvis to do any injury. But the relaxin is a real issue if you're likely to fall a lot and you could injure yourself a lot more than if you weren't pregnant. Add message Report oscarwilde Fri Dec Very gently, easy runs and afternoons off to avoid icy runs and post liquid lunch loons.

It's a question of what you are comfortable with in terms of risk and your own skill level.


A blow to the stomach area is tricky on skis, falling flat on your face in a Anoyne a bit easier perhaps but I have never boarded. Both times my doctors and midwives were fine with me skiing. I've been skiing in the first trimester and my dsis did having both of her dc, all early. Beware of loose joints and potential knee injuries.