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See a list of schools and departments at Fudan. Fudan University enrolls Bi dating shanghai 45, including full-time students and students in continuing education and online education. Additionally, there are nearly 1, students from overseas, ranking second nationally. Fudan University has a high-level research faculty of over 2, full-time teachers and researchers, including 1, professors and associate professors, 30 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineeringnearly Bi dating shanghai supervisors, 26 special professors and 2 lecture professors of "Cheungkong Scholars Program", 3 distinguished professors and 10 special professors of Fudan University, 6 principal scientists of Project and 25 "Young Experts with Prominent Contributions to the Country".

Fudan University has 10 teaching hospitals, such as Zhongshan Hospital and Huashan Hospital, integrating medical service, medicine education and research. Fudan University has an "International Student's Dormitory", a building reserved as living quarters for any students from countries other than China studying either degree or non-degree programs. This organisation first stemmed from their studies as non-degree Chinese students at the university. Fudan is a member of Universitas 21an international consortium of research-driven universities. The High School Affiliated to Fudan Universitylocated on the Handan campus, is one of the most prestigious high schools in Shanghai. By the end ofthe Library's collection composed of more than 4.

Of all theseare thread-bound books of Chinese classics including 7, rare copies, are books published during the reign of the Republic of China, and 1.

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Additionally, there are 32, Chinese and foreign journals Bi dating shanghai periodicals. Every yearnew books will be added to enlarge the collection. This is the first visit on my agenda — and so appropriate! To shanghzi some of the students, former students and businesses. It is most definitely a success story! Looking back to the opening-up of China in the s, we can see that 20 years is quite a long time. Since then, there has been considerable contact between Norway and China in the business, culture and education sectors, as well as people-to-people cooperation. During this period, a large number of Norwegian students at different levels have studied at Fudan University, for shorter or longer periods.

For 20 years, there has been an important and very active Nordic Centre at Fudan.

You vating up the largest group of former students from a joint Norwegian—Chinese educational programme. It is an honour for me Bi dating shanghai be here, and to have the opportunity to meet some of you. Bk between countries can include cooperation in a range of areas. Politics, trade, culture, the environment and many more. In the bilateral relationship between Norway and China, education is one of the areas where cooperation has been strongest. This is due to the many contacts and visits between schools, universities and scientific institutions over a number of years. The BI—Fudan educational programmes and exchanges represent the best of Sino—Norwegian cooperation in this field.