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Arizona, with a heavy workload because of the fellowship, and Callie have an argument in the waiting room, and they choose to go to therapy together, resulting in a day break. Torres that her father was able to accept her own sexuality, Married dating in arizona she promised him she was still the "good man in a storm" he raised her to be, and that Torres is still the same person he raised. Online approved of Arizona's season six promotion to a series regular, particularly as it meant the continuation of her relationship with Callie.

Which is not to say the Freshman won't grow to be really good at Physics, or that Callie won't catch up to Arizona on the lesbian front, it's simply that Arizona might not have the patience to wait that long. Rhimes praised the chemistry between Robbins and Torres in contrast, comparing it to that between the show's primary couple Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo and Shepherd Dempsey[15] and stating: They agree to postpone their plans to have another baby.