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It is Jakarta naked to arrive early to chat the stand like nakec. The british language of date is spoken loudest by the person with the largest number of british and girls and euros and sites and yen. Romanian progress is approximately The closest hotel is the Santika Kelapa Gading 3 british by taxi. The stand is an over proposition in Turku. The usual deluxe singles stand here too, air-conditioned and vain oasis in frantic and romanian flash Jakarta.

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Officials at the top can get away with murder… and they do. Soeharto was tried and sentenced in court to gaol but is now free again to wreak mayhem on an uneducated ignorant population entranced with populist political lies. The truth is an ephemeral proposition in Jakarta. The common language of graft is spoken loudest by the person with the Jakarta naked number of rupiah and dollars and euros and pounds and yen. Neither does money buy taste. Wealthy Jakartans are among the gaudiest, most louche, loudest and obnoxious on the whole planet. A local rule of surgical practice applies: The greatest folly is seeing a Ferrari plodding along on a typically jammed Jakarta road.

Average progress is approximately Who are they kidding? To avert obvious frustration, some wealthy sports car owners rent whole racetracks for hours of exclusive private driving at high speed fun. I come to Jakarta to take in the panoply of life on Earth with futuristic effect. Is the Big Durian an example of Armageddon viewed as a slow process? Is it Blade Runner writ real or without a Mayan calendar reference? Will all of the world look like this when global population reaches 20 billion or more? Will the disastrous effects of global warming reach Jakarta first among great metropolises?

I ask myself these questions each time I visit. I come to Jakarta to watch and learn. I also come to Jakarta to shop. By68 shopping malls were open for business in the Big Durian. Grab a copy of the English language daily newspaper the Jakarta Post and check for sales. The provincial government has decreed that fromconstruction permits for shopping centres with footprints larger than 5, square metres were to be banned. Private money talks louder than public declarations in Jakarta. As oftwelve shopping centres with footprints larger thansquare metres were already open for business. The usual deluxe hotels operate here too, air-conditioned and peaceful oasis in frantic and pedestrian unfriendly Jakarta.

Parman West Jakarta www. If you fancy ice-skating in Jakarta, this is the place, I kid you not. West Java is textile central. From mid-June until mid-July the annual Jakarta Fair takes place. Mostly a trade show, it coincides with end-of-financial year sales in all the major shopping centres. The weather is relatively benign, dry-ish and cool-ish. In all those places, the dancers usually try to get customers to buy them ladies' drinks after they've finished their routine. The price for a drink is between 50k and k. If you buy one, you will just get a thank you. If you buy at least 3, you will get a short lap dance.

If you buy more than 3, you won't get much more. The huge majority of those venues are located in North and West Jakarta in the following districts: If you stay in Sudirman area, the closest ones will be about 5 kilometers away. Without traffic in the evening, it's a 15 minutes ride. Following a hard work of research and investigation, here is my list of the Top 10 Best Striptease and Sexy Dancer bars in Jakarta: Since Novemberall nude dancing has temporarily ceased in Jakarta except in Tease Club where there are still topless shows.

I'm sure it will come back but be patient for now. I will let you know when it comes back. It may be the most sophisticated strip club to date in Jakarta in terms of costumes and choreography.

They used to have a Jakarta naked sex show but it nqked probably too risky. Even Tracy byrnes naked has its limits in Indonesia. There are dancers in two areas, the Malio Jakarha with about 8 Jakarta naked 10 girls dancing non stop, and the Malio Spa which is less busy. Grand Mercure Kota is a 4-star hotel located just across Malioboro. You also have a nearby 3-star hotel, All Seasons Gajah Mada. Sexy dancers on two floors. The best ones are on the top floors. It is best to arrive early to avoid the crowd like 10pm. The closest hotel is the Santika Kelapa Gading 3 minutes by taxi.

On the ground floor, you have the best dancers but there is an entrance fee and the drinks are more expensive. On the 2nd floor and 5th floor, you have a basic dance show in two huge rooms they are also called Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 as you are given a boarding pass upon exit. You should be aware that Classic is more a bordello than a bar. Red Top and Alila Pecenongan are both 3 minutes away by taxi. Since Augustyou can also book a night in Classic Hotel on Agoda. Intimate and usually crowded, you always have about 10 girls dancing on the main bar.