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All three are naked, though the video does not contain any sex acts. Drew a documentary about the treatment process for sexual addiction patients [filmed in April ] at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Peniche described herself as having had hundreds of lovers, but being unable to emotionally connect with anyone in any kind of relationship. Peniche's participation in the treatment program was marred by her aggressive and erratic behavior: Drew Pinskythe treating physician, became suspicious that she was using illicit substances such as methamphetamineor had been prior to being admitted. It was indicated that both the substance abuse and BPD had to be treated before any treatment for sexual addiction could begin.

She refused Pinsky's offer of an alternative program at a nearby psychiatric hospital, [16] [17] and during the process of being evicted from her home, she made suicidal gestures and became abusive toward the show's production staff e. Later, during production of the third season of Celebrity RehabPeniche contacted Pinsky for help. Pinsky explained that her aggressive behavior during Sex Rehab was derived from drugs she smuggled into the PRC in her teddy bear ; and, were difficult to detect during drug testing because of the medication Peniche took for attention deficit disorder.

Pinsky went to her residence, where Peniche showed him the crystal meth she was using. She was shown returning to the Pasadena Recovery Center at the end of that season's fourth episode. Executive producer John Irwin claimed that her behavior changed by her second appearance, although she did allegedly punch a cameraman, at one point. Peniche joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober Housein which she transferred into a sober living facility often an interim step between rehab, and returning to society.