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This is a great advantage for ambitious graduates who want to have influence and put their ideas to work. This is what you will learn By joining our 18 months Business Intelligence Graduate Program start September you will be working in an environment where main focus is our customers. The Management and Analytics department consist of a strong team of around ambitious and competent colleagues, driving and implementing Business Intelligence Solutions for the private sector, Danish municipalities, regions and the Danish Government.

We have planned an intensive and interesting program for you. In close cooperation with IT colleagues and business stakeholders you will participate in IT projects in different roles and in all project phases - from analysis, design and development to Mand soger mand nordjylland hoje taastrup and rollout. The assignments you will drive are aligned with your competence level, so you build experience and develop your skills. If you choose KMD, you are permanently employed from the start and you will be an important asset to KMD for many years to come.

For you to succeed we have planned an intensive and interesting program for you. Some of the elements are: Working with customers and building up your consultant mindset, skills and behavior. You will have great impact on your career development and during the last part of the program, you will be able to specialize. Unlike the former counties, regions are not entitled to levy their own taxes. With income taxes in the lowest bracket being raised 1 percentage point a year, this health contribution tax will be gone by This follows an agreement on taxes by the Folketing from Health issues have remained the primary hot issues in regional politics, especially because grand changes of Denmark's hospital layout were announced immediately after the municipal reform.

History[ edit ] The reform has been called the biggest reform in thirty years. The abolition of the counties had long been an important goal for both the Conservatives and the Danish People's Party. The parties who wanted to limit the regional tier of government prevailed insofar as the regions have no authority to levy any taxes, and they are not municipalities unlike the former counties - Danish amtskommuneliterally county municipalityand therefore cannot "shuffle money around" from one area of expenditure to another but must pay money not used back rather like departments or agencies of the central government.

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State administrations[ edit ] The 5 state administrations statsforvaltninger;singular statsforvaltning are the representations of the central government in the five regions. They belong norjdylland The Ministry of the Interior and Health. Their jurisdictions follow the regional borders. These administrations are not subordinate to the regional councils, but rather the direct presence of the state similar to governorates or prefectures in certain countries. A state administration office exists in each region, supervising the daily business of municipalities and regions, and functioning as a body of appeal for citizens who wish to complain over a decision by the municipality or region.