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Versions[ edit ] Two versions of the show were produced: The versions that aired on CTV and later in syndication had the nudity removed and the language bleeped by a horn-honking sound. Although the "adult" version is most closely associated with Showtime, it did go out on a few independent TV stations during the s, playing as late-night fare, although the "clean" version is the one that was more commonly found in syndication. Current Canadian broadcast content regulations, which are more lenient than those of the s, might permit broadcast of the uncensored Showtime versions, but they have not been offered for broadcast syndication.

The "adult" version was also shown regionally on ITV in the United Kingdomusually airing after 11 PM and with some of the more extreme language bleeped out conventionally.

Sketches containing nudity were censored for Canadian television and syndication by the inclusion of reverse Female bizarre nude scenes originally filmed from behind nude actors generally women baring their Female bizarre nude or else alternate scenes that had Femmale filmed with the models buzarre a bra. Rare scenes involving a woman being naked below the waist, however, just had the skits end very abruptly. The "adult" version has not aired on television since the Showtime airings and original syndication ceased in the late s. The syndicated episodes have been rebroadcast since. The CTV version of Bizarre aired on The Comedy Network fromoriginally airing the entire series before airing only select episodes from until the show was dropped from The Comedy Network's schedule.

The show was dropped from Comedy Gold's schedule in August Coincidently, Super Dave started airing on Comedy Gold after Bizarre's dropping from the network and continued until September Bizarre hasn't aired anywhere since.