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We hold this event every year since in order to raise money for Mentor UK. This charity focuses on raising awareness of drug and alcohol misuse amongst children and young people. We are proud to represent this charity and create this event for Hester Stewart. Speed dating pitcher and piano brighton was a Waves cheerleader who used to study at Sussex University. In she took a legal high at our awards evening and unfortunately died as a result of this. The main objective of this night is to raise as much awareness for the charity as possible and honor Hester.

The event is based on the colour pink as this was Hester's favorite colour which is why we encourage everyone to wear pink on the night and it is also incorporated into our uniform. Our event takes place in Pryzm, a large nightclub venue where we set up stalls. These stalls sell food such as Papa Johns pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pick and mix sweets. We also sell raffle tickets. All the food and raffle prices have been donated from different shops in Brighton after going around and asking for support. We offer face paint, glitter and temporary tattoos. We also go around with buckets during the night asking for any loose change or donations for the charity.

We also offered the sale of pink waves t shirts where a proportion of the sales went towards the overall total. A donation page was also set up for anyone that could not attend and is still open for donations: We also have raised awareness for the charity through participation. Therefore, we decided to organize our event on a student night. The aim of our event is to make people understand they must be careful when dealing with substances which may be legal but can have a devastating impact. Therefore, we hope that our event benefits students in terms of responsiveness towards general drugs. So over the first two weeks of Freshers week, Brighton CU put on event every day if not every other day to try and reach students on campus, make them feel welcomed, and to share what our society is all about!

We held a range of events; from open mic nights collaborating with the Music Societyfree donut stalls on the Falmer and Moulsecoomb campus, games night, movie night, Sunday church searches, grub crawls, beach barbecues, and so much more! You can see our timetable below of how hectic our two weeks were! Although it was tiring for our committee and CU members, it was so worth it! We loved meeting students, sharing glimpses of the light that we find in Jesus, and making freshers feel welcomed into their new home. We love meeting new students, holding discussions on faith with others, and sharing stories of what God has done in our lives.

After this, we have been meeting every Thursday. As mentioned previously, our September events have been crazy! A lot has been going on all over the University campuses. On Wed 27th Sept, we held a free donut stall on the Moulsecoomb campus, Cockcroft building, just by the main reception area. It was fantastic to see so many students bustling around, and was great to hand out our free mugs, food, leaflets, and more. This was so much fun, and was great to kick off our first official CU event with so many students walk through the door! Around 30 students showed up ready to have a night of fun and games with us! Fri 29th Sept, we held our famous beach barbecue event just to the left of the palace pier.

Lots of food and lots of fun! Over 35 students showed up, which was a fantastic turn out! Sun 1st Oct was the first day of our church search event! This was a space for students to come by, relieve any stresses, worries, or anxieties they may have had about moving to University and the year ahead, and make friends whilst painting. We met lots of students who just really enjoyed being creative and found the painting as a great outlet to their worries. It was also great for us to help clear any more questions and worries about University life with them. Tues 3rd Oct we held another free donut stall on the Falmer campus in the Checkland building. Meeting lots of students as they walk to and from classes, and had great conversations about faith, our society, and University life.

This was also used to advertise our 2nd official CU meeting, and our open mic night. Also on Tues 3rd, we held our joint event night with the Music Soc, hosting an open mic night at The Hive, Falmer campus. This was really fun to meet students, hang out, and play some music! It was also a really great experience to make friends with the music soc, and share their passion for students. Thurs 5th Oct, we had our 2nd CU meeting. We had students come along to this event, and it was so lovely to see how much fun everyone had! Great night of making friends, sharing stories of faith, and helping others find light in their lives! The SU staff were super supportive of our society, which was incredibly encouraging to us.

This involved us making free toasties for students in halls in exchange of questions they had on faith, Christianity, the bible, God, and more. A great night of food, conversations, and making friends on campus! Although the events had been fun throughout the week, coming together and having a meal together was a great way to really get to know students, build deeper friendships, and fully welcome them to our society. Sunday 8th Oct was our last event of Freshers fortnight. Monday 25th Sep — Movie night — 20 people.

Wednesday 27th Sep — Free Donut Stall - people. Thursday 28th Sep — Games Night — 30 people. Friday 29th Sep — Beach Barbecue — 35 people. Sunday 1st Oct — Church search — 20 people. Monday 2nd Oct — Paint-Relief — 10 people. Tuesday 3rd Oct — Free Donuts Stall — people. Worldsex haiy pussy pic 3rd Oct — Open Mic Night — 20 people. Thursday 5th Oct — Text-a-toastie — 20 people. Saturday 7th Oct — Grub Crawl — 10 people. Sunday 8th Oct — Church Search — 20 people. Thursday 12th Oct — Bible Study — 20 people. Thursday 12th Oct — Text-a-toastie — 30 people. Thursday 19th Oct — Prayer Evening — 35 people. It may take a while to go into full detail of each event.

However, to summarise, most of our events allowed students to come into a place, feel welcomed, make friends, and participate with games, music, FREE FOOD, and socials. It also allowed students to ask questions about Christianity, and to learn more about our faith with one another. But… all of the hours were so worth it. We love meeting students and making them feel like Brighton is their home. We also learnt how open people were to having conversations about faith, regardless of what people believed in. It has been a great month of getting to know students, and show the love that we have for Jesus, and the love He has for us!

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Our society creates a space on campuses for students to feel loved, valued, and opening room for them to ask questions on faith, and feel comfortable to talk about subjects of faith with others. We are so excited for our weekend away in Winchester together at the end of the month, and for the rest of the year to come! Arabsoc has held several events Speed dating pitcher and piano brighton we started last year. Our most popular events were when we started off our academic year by inviting all our Free casual sex in albany ny 12256 to a meet and greet bonfire by the beach. The aim was for our members to make new friends, learn more about our society and for everyone to enjoy themselves with the fire going to provide warmth and music playing in the background to ease people.

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