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From Ciney time Greg Brady got high to the reason Cindy Brady started balding, here's a quick rundown of all things Brady you probably didn't know. Eve had longer, blonder, more luxurious hair.

Susan Olsen

Eve developed curves before Maureen did and took pleasure in flaunting her blossoming physique by going braless under her tight-fitting tops in later seasons. Watch those Hawaii episodes when they rerun and you'll see that Maureen always manages to hold a beach towel or robe in front of her lower torso in any bathing suit scenes. Why Cindy Started Balding With the parents in place, the team of brown-haired boys and Cindy brady swimsuit girls made the final cut, with one exception. For the role of Bobby Brady, the youngest boy, producers favored Mike Lookinland, who had strawberry-blond hair.

He was hired only after his parents agreed to let Miss Clairol do her thing on their son's locks. Savvy viewers will note how Bobby's hair color varied between dark brown and jet black before the make-up folks found just the right shade of hair dye for him. Susan Olsen had a different problem; she was a natural blonde, but producers felt the youngest Brady wasn't blonde enough. They ordered eight-year-old Olsen's hair to be bleached regularly to give her that adorable towhead look. However, once comedic actress Ann B. Florence Henderson ultimately got the job, but was forced to wear a wig during the first season because her own hair had been cropped short when she co-starred in an off-Broadway revival of South Pacific.

For the role of Mike Brady the family's surname had changed by this timeproducers were debating between Cjndy then-unknown Gene Hackman and Robert Reed. She described her headaches on Larry King Live. An urban legend claimed that Olsen swjmsuit become an adult film star. In a late s television interview, Olsen stated that her "porn" connection was that she swimwuit space ship sound effects for a porn film called Love Probe from a Warm Planet. She went on to state that perhaps the Cindy brady swimsuit got started because the star of the porn film Crocodile Blondee, which was widely distributed among troops during the Persian Gulf crisis, was rumored to be her.

She added that since the porn star was very pretty, she did not try too hard to dispel the rumor. Susan used this vehicle to make a statement about animal rescue, a cause with which she is thoroughly involved. Olsen is an animal welfare advocate and serves on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization Precious Paws, a rescue group. Olsen personally cares for unweaned homeless kittens until they are old enough to adopt. Liza Morton, the owner of a pre-school. In DecemberOlsen was fired from her radio show, "Two Chicks Talkin' Politics" on LA Talk Radio, as a result of engaging with a feud with openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting, in which Olsen, responding to comments Acord-Whiting had made about her on another station, unleashed an extensive and profane rant against him accusing him of cowardice.

Acord-Whiting accused Olsen of homophobia for the remarks which included repeated use of the word " faggot " and successfully lobbied to have Olsen fired. As an animal welfare advocate, Olsen has created another art collection, entitled "The Art of Rescue".