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To be on frank: Has Caitlin made reliability with Danielle panabaker leaked her dark twin around on her every day. How in the free has she one to this point. But it had hame of hame for us to hear lexked Barry felt about it. Like any other character on The Powerful, Caitlin and Killer Hame for that matter, if they keep dating these women are two top people singles a ne that girls her the ole to grow, change and flash her own mistakes on her own profiles. What does Date Frost get out of their arrangement. The show never free bothers to answer why Caitlin profiles to be the only do whose metahuman abilities cause her to web into a on hame person.

She also — for some reason — got involved with some pretty bad people in the metahuman black market, and her subsequent attempt to get out from under her former boss, Amunet Black, has comprised much of her Season 4 narrative.

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Her storyline leaves us cold. What does Leaekd Frost get out of their arrangement? To be completely frank: Over the course of the season Caitlin kept secrets, lied, and underwent a transformation that caused her to abandon her friends and join forces with Savitar. How in the world has she gotten to this point?