Emails from dating sites can an extrovert dating an introvert

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Xan, the venting will be over, and the differences between introverts and extroverts will be understood and accepted. Let us blow off steam for a bit. We have to find a compromise. It is helpful to ask specific questions. What does your introvert hate doing the most? What kind of socializing is least problematic for him or her? What are your parameters?

You may or may not have ever given the specifics much thought. And maybe she's really fine with whatever you want to do, as long as you play social director. And what about you? Or you would prefer that your introvert stay home rather than agreeing to go out and then look pained. Regardless of what I believe is fair, you might need to be the person who brings things up again. If you take on the responsibility for bringing problems up, then you are to be thanked and appreciated. So let's talk a little about using online dating sites like Match or eHarmony.

For one thing, it helps to know what you're looking for. That's not to say you want a stringent and inflexible list of must-haves, but go into it with at least a rough idea so that you're not succumbing to what online dating coach Kimberly Dawn Neumann calls "supermarket syndrome"—filling your cart with everyone who seems even slightly plausible, until you become overwhelmed. And stipulate for yourself a certain number of hours a week that you will spend on reviewing profiles and responding to emails, so that it doesn't become yet another job on your to-do list. You want to make sure your profile accurately represents you.

Maybe, maybe you can fudge your age a little bit to turn up in a different search bracket, Kimberly says, but you have to 'fess up in the first email.

You can tell yourself the other person will get over your lie once they get to know the wonderfulness dsting is eztrovert, but they won't. Mostly they'll start off not trusting introvett right off the bat. And be sure to feature some of your charming idiosyncrasies in your profile—your unusual hobbies and particular passions. Drom, yeah, romantic dinners and travel. Who doesn't like those things? But you don't want to blend into the crowd, so be sure to mention your pet ferret or competitive fencing medals or lifelong desire to walk across Siberia. Rebecca, an introvert who met her introverted husband online, was drawn again and again to his profile photo of himself hugging a horse.

An animal lover herself, she recognized a kindred spirit. She also liked that he was articulate, witty, could spell, and paid attention to what she said in her emails, all indicating he was the kind of man she had in mind. You can be upfront with your introversion —if the more isn't the merrier for you, you might as well say so. At the same time, you probably shouldn't be responding to people whose profiles are full of party pics.